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    By Marsha Peters, 4 march 2022

    The Curly Girl Method: What is it?

    What is the Curly Girl Method?

    The Curly Girl Method is a way to take care of curls designed by the American curl expert Lorraine Massey. She dives deep into the method in her book the Curly Girl Handbook. Lorraine Massey is the co-founder of the Devachan salons in New York and was co-owner of the infamous hair care line DevaCurl.

    The thought behind the CGM is to accentuate the natural curl pattern by using (and avoiding) certain products and styling techniques. Ingredients to avoid are: 

    ♢ Sulfates (SLS)

    ♢ Drying alcohol

    ♢ Silicones

    ♢ Mineral oil (paraffin)

    ♢ Wax

    The CGM method also advises to sparingly use or avoid combs, brushes and rough towels to style and dry the hair. It also says to avoid using heat on the hair by way of styling tools like curling or flat irons. So now that we know what NOT to do, let's dive into what you should do to successfully use the CGM. 


    The Curly Girl Method steps 

    Stap 0: Washing

    Wash your hair one last time with a sulfate shampoo to get all the silicones, wax and mineral oil out of your hair. 

    Step 1: Cleansing

    Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner (co-wash). Massage the scalp for 60 seconds before you rinse.

    Step 2: Conditioning

    Put a handful (or as much or little as you need) of conditioner in your hair until it feels ‘slimy’ or until all the strands are fully saturated. Detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Rinse out most of the conditioner. It’s okay to leave some in for some extra moisture.

    Step 3: Styling

    After washing you can use a moisturizer, leave-in conditioner and gel to style the hair. There are a lot of brands with lovely ingredients to try out. There is a lot of information to read and watch on YouTube about different products and peoples experiences. Important to note is that with the CGM gel is an important styling product and is always used last. 

    Step 4: Drying

    Never use a normal towel that you use on your body to dry your hair. These are too rough and make the hair dry and frizzy. Use an old cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel to squeeze the water out of your hair. Avoid rubbing your hair dry with the towel, this also causes frizz.

    You can let your hair air dry. This will take a few hours depending on the length and porosity of your hair. You could also use a hairdryer with a diffuser. If you want lots of volume, try drying your hair with the diffuser while standing upside down. Whichever drying method you choose: try not to touch your hair too much until it's dry. This prevents disrupting the curl pattern and causing frizz. 


    In the end; every curl is different and needs different products and ingredients. Taking care of curls is a journey and it's all about finding what works for your hair. 


    Happy experimenting! 

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