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    By Marsha Peters, 24 may 2022

    Plopping curls: what is it and how to do it?


    Plopping curls… It might sound a bit odd, but it is a wonderful technique to get defined curls in no time. Sounds good right? Or still a bit weird? Anyway, in this blog I will explain what plopping curls is and how you can do it yourself!

    What is plopping?

    Plopping is a technique for curly hair where you put all your wet curls on top of your head and wrap a cotton T-shirt, pillowcase or other cotton cloth that is big enough to fit around your head. This technique is used after washing your hair to get excess moisture out, let your curls dry unbothered and get better defined curls.

    While your curls are plopping you can focus on other things like getting dressed, having breakfast or putting on your make-up. Yes, multitasking! With hair extensions it is recommended to not plop for longer than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes take your hair down and finish drying your hair fully with a blow dryer / diffuser in order to prevent the hair extensions from knotting. 

    This technique is different from just wrapping a regular towel around your wet hair. The problem with doing that is that you stretch out your curls and make them frizzy by the friction from the towel. The plopping technique doesn’t cause friction because the curls stay compacted and scrunched on top of your head. The curls stay intact and the hair follicles stay closed thanks to the soft cotton fabric. 

    Still sounds a bit unclear? No worries, take a look at the video below for a curl plopping tutorial.

    As the lady in the tutorial said; style your hair first and then do the plop. After washing, put in all your favorite products; from leave-in conditioners to moisturizers and even a gel. Read all about the steps of the Curly Girl Method in this blog. 

    Benefits of plopping 

    The T-shirt absorbs excess water or product from the hair which makes for a shorter drying time - which is really convenient in the morning. Because the hair is drying on top of your head you create a lift starting from the roots which means more voluminous hair.

    For a more elaborate example of plopping, check out the video below! 

    Happy plopping!

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