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    By Marsha Peters, 12 april 2022

    How To: Sleep with curls

    Look at her go, fresh out of the salon. You just got these goddess-like, long, curly extensions put in your hair. Just gorgeous! You’ve got nothing planned but surely these curls deserve a day out in town… Maybe just pop into the grocery store to let these babies be seen! Ah, that first day glow after going to the salon, isn’t it wonderful? 

    Nighttime comes and it’s time to go to bed. You want to protect your new curly extensions, but how?

    1. Pillow case

    The most commonly used pillow cases are made of cotton and there is nothing wrong with that. But a pillow case made of silk, satin or a cotton satin blend does wonders for your skin and hair. These smooth fabrics minimize the amount of friction of the hair on the pillow. This ensures less frizz and less breakage. 


    2. The pineapple 

    Sleeping with your hair tied up is a great way to protect your curls. A well known method among curlies is the ‘pineapple’. Collect all your curls and put them in a loose ponytail right on top of your head. This ensures that all curls stay intact. Watch the video below for a demonstration of different variations of the pineapple.

    Pro tip: do you have curly bangs? Let these 'hang' and don't put it up in the pineapple. This prevents the bangs being trained in the wrong direction over night which will make it stand up. 

    3. Flexi rods

    This tip works great for waves or loose curly extensions. Flexi rods are a great tool to form and maintain curls. You can use as many or as little as you want. The less you use, the looser the curls and vice versa! Flexi rods also come in different sizes for loose or tight curls. 
    Take a strand of hair, wrap it around the flexi rod, fold the ends of the flexi rods in and Bob's your uncle! If you don’t like sleeping with flexi rods, you can just use them to form the curl and secure the curl with bobby pins to keep them in place whilst sleeping. Watch the video below for a great demonstration (and end result) of this technique! 



    4. Satin / silk bonnet or scarf

    People of colour have known and practiced this tip for a long time: the silk / satin bonnet or scarf to protect the hair while sleeping. A bonnet is a kind of ‘bag’ - made of satin or silk with an elastic to keep it in place. It's really simple: just put all of your hair in the bonnet and you can rest assured. Another option is to use a silk or satin scarf which you tie around your head to protect your hair. You can put your hair up in the pineapple we discussed earlier and tie the scarf around. The video below gives a great demonstration of both methods. 


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